Mergers & Acquisitions
So much business growth comes from putting the right companies together. But how do you know the arriving company and its principals are in fact “Right” for your business? You do the legwork. You get the information others may have missed. You treat Due Diligence as if it was your money…your company…and your reputation at risk. Because it is! Do you have every tool you need to protect it?

On-going Risk Mitigation
The firm looks to you, to identify risk in the on-going operations. Due Diligence is solid at the merger, the implementation, the grand opening, the on-boarding… Everyone gets it when you “trust, but verify” at the start. Once the bright lights go out, however, you sometimes struggle to get the resources you need to make sure that promises made…are promises kept. When was the last time you felt certain that your facilities and operations were not vulnerable to attacks from outside…or from within?

Fraud Prevention
Sometimes it seems our job requires a crystal ball, a B.S. detector, and having eyes and ears everywhere. You know it is impossible to prevent every loss, but it is absolutely possible to spot early warning signs or uncover fraud before it becomes a major headache…or a major headline. Who helps you keep the molehills from becoming mountains?


Commercial Due Diligence

The location is perfect, the concept is a winner. This development deal has potential to be amazing, and lucrative. You have dealt with some of the principals before, but not all of them. How do you know, what you need to know, in order to adequately protect your investment and reputation? You pride yourself of getting the information others often miss. You want pros handling your due diligence. You don’t mess around when it comes to your money, or your reputation.

Deal Principals

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your deal is only as strong as the accuracy of the financials behind it and the principals in the deal. To protect your investment, FAIS provides principal due diligence for acquisitions and dispositions, including character and integrity screening of contractors, guarantors, architects and developers. As well as, financial due diligence to verify cash flow modeling, tenant recovery calculations, property accounting and tenant billings.

Talk to Us

FAIS uses discreet investigative methods with professional, extensively trained investigators to make sure you know what you need to know. Our due diligence is second-to-none. Our investigative work is thorough, yet handled with the greatest discretion to create no embarrassment for the individual or jeopardize the deal. Call us or email us at [email protected]. Get the facts first with FAIS.


Player Acquisition
You want to sign a superstar. His talent is undeniable, and every major team scout is evaluating him or her. The pressure is on to act quickly, before you see him suiting up to play against you. You know it takes more than talent to win championships. It takes teamwork, commitment, character! The superstar runs with a rough crowd; you heard rumors… How do you make sure the millions you are about to invest will not be lost by something that happens outside the lines? Who helps you see the full player profile; to know him the way only his closest associates do?

Player Development
You signed the superstar. Sure he had a few red flags, but nothing too terrible. Plus, he will have an immediate impact on the franchise. Build around him and a few key players, and a championship is within reach. So how did that dream evaporate over a few unpaid tickets, a missed court date or a momentary lapse of judgement? Arrest. Media frenzy. Distraction. Destruction. People make mistakes. Athletes make mistakes. You are there to help. So how do you know when help is needed?

Talk to Us…
FAIS uses discreet investigative methods with professional, extensively trained investigators to make sure you know what you need to know. Our Due Diligence is second-to-none. Our investigative work is thorough, yet handled with the greatest discretion to create no embarrassment for the individual or the team. Our Individual Monitoring Service alerts you when a player could use your guidance on handling an off-the-field concern. Call us. Get the “facts first”. Call us now.




Your business can grow if you find the right in-country managers, partners and third-party agents to represent your interests. You need due diligence support from an expert. FAIS’ principal investigator, Richie Taffet, has more than 25 years of due diligence experience, more than decade of which includes international investigations. He is also the principal FCPA compliance investigator for the largest international screening company in the world; expert in audit and compliance protocols in Japan, Singapore, India, China, the Philippines, Europe and Australia.

FCPA Compliance

The U.S. Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are pursuing cases under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act at an unprecedented pace and with an unprecedented range of targets: an $88 million DOJ fine on a Japanese trading firm in March 2014; a $3.4 million settlement with the SEC by a Tampa, Fla., engineering and construction firm in January 2015. Every business with foreign dealings needs to be alert.

How strong is your FCPA compliance program? Strong enough to withstand scrutiny by an expert federal investigator? The best companies have adopted programs in keeping with the DOJ-SEC FCPA Resource Guide, including due diligence on third-party agents, vendor reviews, internal audits and escalation procedures. FAIS can help you put your FCPA compliance program in place today.


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