March 31, 2017



Your business can grow if you find the right in-country managers, partners and third-party agents to represent your interests. You need due diligence support from an expert. FAIS’ principal investigator, Richie Taffet, has more than 25 years of due diligence experience, more than decade of which includes international investigations. He is also the principal FCPA compliance investigator for the largest international screening company in the world; expert in audit and compliance protocols in Japan, Singapore, India, China, the Philippines, Europe and Australia.

FCPA Compliance

The U.S. Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are pursuing cases under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act at an unprecedented pace and with an unprecedented range of targets: an $88 million DOJ fine on a Japanese trading firm in March 2014; a $3.4 million settlement with the SEC by a Tampa, Fla., engineering and construction firm in January 2015. Every business with foreign dealings needs to be alert.

How strong is your FCPA compliance program? Strong enough to withstand scrutiny by an expert federal investigator? The best companies have adopted programs in keeping with the DOJ-SEC FCPA Resource Guide, including due diligence on third-party agents, vendor reviews, internal audits and escalation procedures. FAIS can help you put your FCPA compliance program in place today.

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