March 31, 2017

Player Acquisition
You want to sign a superstar. His talent is undeniable, and every major team scout is evaluating him or her. The pressure is on to act quickly, before you see him suiting up to play against you. You know it takes more than talent to win championships. It takes teamwork, commitment, character! The superstar runs with a rough crowd; you heard rumors… How do you make sure the millions you are about to invest will not be lost by something that happens outside the lines? Who helps you see the full player profile; to know him the way only his closest associates do?

Player Development
You signed the superstar. Sure he had a few red flags, but nothing too terrible. Plus, he will have an immediate impact on the franchise. Build around him and a few key players, and a championship is within reach. So how did that dream evaporate over a few unpaid tickets, a missed court date or a momentary lapse of judgement? Arrest. Media frenzy. Distraction. Destruction. People make mistakes. Athletes make mistakes. You are there to help. So how do you know when help is needed?

Talk to Us…
FAIS uses discreet investigative methods with professional, extensively trained investigators to make sure you know what you need to know. Our Due Diligence is second-to-none. Our investigative work is thorough, yet handled with the greatest discretion to create no embarrassment for the individual or the team. Our Individual Monitoring Service alerts you when a player could use your guidance on handling an off-the-field concern. Call us. Get the “facts first”. Call us now.

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