Our professional investigators possess extraordinary skills in covert monitoring of select individuals and locale with the intent of securing intelligent information and evidence documentation for our clients. And because each case scenario is different, we’ll work with you to establish an investigation strategy tailored to meet your specific objectives.

All FAIS investigators have a criminal justice degree, prior law enforcement/investigative experience, and/or military service. Or professional investigators are required to attend and graduate from our company developed training school, which focuses on conducting investigations within the boundaries of all federal, state and local laws. This extensive course emphasizes state and federal regulation pertaining to the expectation of privacy and proper surveillance and investigative technique. FAIS investigators are committed to upholding the highest ethnical standard when conducting all investigative operations. Additionally, our investigators are well-versed in the judicial process and prepared to provide professional testimony in court.

FAIS investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art-technology including HD digital cameras, laptop computers, smart phones and covert surveillance equipment. Our investigators live in their territories and are located across the United States. Thus, they are familiar with the territory being worked and can easily blend in with the environment.

In addition to our nationwide network of field investigators, FAIS employs a fully staffed in-house investigative team that is dedicated to conducting extensive preliminary work before a field investigator is sent to conduct physical surveillance. Once our thorough preliminary process has verified positive information on an individual or locale, we establish a surveillance position, investigative plan and a field agent is assigned to your case.

Each investigative assignment includes an established surveillance plan, a detailed preliminary investigation, video documentation (if applicable) and a professionally written report of all investigative findings.

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