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FAIS, founded in 1996, is an exclusive, nationally licensed boutique investigative firm specializing in comprehensive Background Investigations, Due Diligence, Monitoring Services, Pre-litigation Investigations, and specialized services such as Computer Forensics, Corporate Fraud Investigations, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments.

How We Get It Done


Our nationwide team of licensed professional investigators has the experience and know-how to get you results.


Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art comprehensive investigative databases, we uncover the truths that a simple Google search could never find.


We employ a unique comprehensive process to bring light to all facts in an investigation.


With over 100 years of combined investigative experience in a substantial range of fields, we know how to get it done.

The Result:
Measurable Quality, Efficiency, Facts, and Risk Management.

Our Services

Due Diligence

Invest in your future with Investigative Due Diligence...

Monitoring Services

Keep an eye on your investments and be the FIRST to know when trouble strikes...

Asset Search

Identify potential assets to help make more informed decisions...

Digital Forensics

We uncover the digital evidence that they thought was long gone...

Fraud Investigations

We can provide the tools to sniff out fraud before it becomes your problem...

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

Eliminate your vulnerabilities and manage your level of risk...

Pre-Litigation Services

Getting you the tools to get ahead of the opposing counsel...

Social Media Investigations

Uncover controversy before it affects your organization’s reputation...

Our Areas Of Expertise

Professional Sports

Know your players and coaches and make the best decision for your team.

Corporate Risk

Mitigating risk in the corporate world
puts you significantly ahead of your competitors.

Real Estate Deals

Find stakeholders, get financial/legal history, close the deal.

International / FCPA

International investigative expertise. Ensure you know who you are doing business with.

The Vision You Need

We offer a comprehensive set of tailored investigative solutions to an extensive range of companies and professional service firms across several industries needing specialized investigative skills. Our investigative focus is to assist our clients in identifying risks, potential liabilities, or fraudulent activities and help reduce or mitigate them.

FAIS provides you with insight – the facts first – to help you make informed and confident decisions regarding risk

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