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Find stakeholders, get financial/legal history,
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Real Estate

Commercial Due Diligence

The location is perfect; the concept is a winner. This development deal has the potential to be impressive and lucrative. You have dealt with some of the principals before, but not all of them.


How do you know what you should do to protect your investment and reputation adequately? You pride yourself on getting the information others often miss. You want pros handling your due diligence. You don’t mess around when it comes to your money or your reputation.

Deal Principals

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your deal is only as strong as the accuracy of the financials behind it and the principals in the deal.


To protect your investment, FAIS provides principal due diligence for acquisitions and dispositions, including character and integrity screening of contractors, guarantors, architects, and developers. As well as financial due diligence to verify cash flow modelling, tenant recovery calculations, property accounting, and tenant billings.

Deal Principals
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FAIS uses discreet investigative methods with professional, extensively trained investigators to ensure you know what you need to know. Our due diligence is second-to-none.

Our investigative work is thorough yet handled with the utmost discretion, ensuring that neither the individual’s reputation nor the integrity of the deal is compromised. Call us at 888.898.0080 or email Get the facts first with FAIS.