Corporate Risk

Mitigating risk in the corporate world puts you significantly ahead of your competitors.
Corporate Risk

Mergers & Acquisitions

So much business growth comes from putting the right companies together. But how do you know the incoming company and its principals are indeed the correct match for your business? You do the legwork. You get the information others may have missed. You treat Due Diligence as if it was your money, company, and reputation at risk because it is! Do you have every tool you need to protect it?

Ongoing Risk Mitigation

Your firm depends on you to identify risks in the ongoing operations. Due Diligence is solid at the merger, the implementation, the grand opening, and the onboarding. Everyone gets it when you trust but verify at the start. 

However, once the bright lights fade, you sometimes struggle to find the resources you need to make sure that promises are honored. When was the last time you felt sure your facilities and operations were not vulnerable to attacks from outside or within?

Corporate Risk

Fraud Prevention

Who helps you keep the molehills from becoming mountains? Sometimes it seems our job requires a crystal ball, a “B.S. detector”, and having eyes and ears everywhere. You know it is impossible to prevent every loss. Still, spotting early warning signs or uncovering fraud is undoubtedly possible before it becomes a considerable headache or a major headline.

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FAIS uses discreet investigative methods with professional, extensively trained investigators to ensure you know what you need to know. Our due diligence is second-to-none.

Our investigative work is thorough yet handled with the utmost discretion, ensuring that neither the individual’s reputation nor the integrity of the deal is compromised. Call us at 888.898.0080 or email Get the facts first with FAIS.